2016 Burloak Competitive Program Assessment

For athletes interested in the Competitive program next year, assessment will begin this fall. Eligible paddlers will join the daily training program from September 14 to October 10. Based on fall assessment, some athletes may be invited to continue daily training through the winter off-water program (November to March). The 2015 racing season, fall training, and winter training will be used by coaches to decide which U15 athletes to invite to the Competitive program in the spring for 2016.

The main factor for consideration for the U15 Competitive group is work ethic. We are looking for people who are committed to showing up and working hard. We are also looking for candidates who support a positive training environment through attitude, cooperation and dedication to the team.

The U15 Competitive program is part of our development pathway for future high performance athletes. This is the point where the focus shifts from seasonal participatory sport to the start of year-round training and setting performance goals—it is the beginning of being an athlete. Attending all of our relevant competitions is assumed. However, U15 is still an age where multiple sports are encouraged for a broad athletic development, so if you are involved in other high level sports talk to the coaches about accommodations to fit the programs together.

If you do not feel ready for the Competitive program, there will still be a good U15 Elementary program running. A diversified set-up next year will let us offer a level of involvement to match various different interest levels. The focus in that program will still be on fundamentals of paddling and skill improvement, with more flexible seasonal expectations.

Contact ConnieLee Oldershaw or Hunter George if you are interested in taking part in assessment for the Competitive program. Please indicate your interest by August 31 if possible, extra people after that date will only be accepted if there is still room. The fall session begins Monday, September 14, but you should participate in the usual Elementary fall practices until the assessment period begins. Training for the fall will be after school before sundown, specific times and activities will be announced as we get closer to our start time.

As a reminder, the Competitive program begins at U14 (13 or older on January 1st). Moving to Competitive is not required at 13, but it is the minimum age for consideration.