2016 Elementary Program Coaching Applications

Burloak is looking for staff for spring and summer elementary programs (applications for fall staff will be assessed during the summer program). The Elementary programs will include U11, U13, and some U15 age groups, while Canoe Kids is for ages 8-12.

Application Form

Applications Due:
Spring: April 30
Summer: May 31

All coaches will be responsible for maintaining a positive practice environment and working under the direction of senior coaching staff. For more details about the positions contact the head coach Adam Oldershaw at headcoach@burloakcanoe.com. Specific details, organization, and roles will be reviewed with selected applicants.

All coaches are required to have NCCP certification in canoe/kayak (Community Coach/Canoe Kids minimum), with the exception of the Apprentice Coaches (see below).

To apply, fill out the Application Form and indicate what you are applying for. Applications for Apprentice Coach and Canoe Kids positions should be sent to cloldershaw@gmail.com; all others should be sent to headcoach@burloakcanoe.com. Please note that ALL applicants are required to fill out an application form, including staff from previous years.

Spring Coaches
May 9-June 30
Elementary coaches for the Spring program will work together to oversee the safety and development of the kids in the program, and create an enjoyable club atmosphere. Appropriate supervision for cooler weather will be a priority. Coaches will also help assess paddlers for streaming into summer programs. Some coaches may be required for Mississauga regatta. The program will run 4:30-6:00 Monday and Friday.

Spring War Canoe Challenge Coaches
May 9-June 4
The War Canoe Challenge is a 4-week program for new paddlers who want to get started in the spring. Coaches will teach new kids how to paddle war canoe and create a welcoming environment to promote a love for the sport. The program ends with a race at Mississauga regatta, so some coaches may be required there. The program will run 4:30-6:00 Tuesday and Thursday.

Summer Squad Coaches
July 4-August 19
Coaches for the morning Elementary program will be given responsibility for a “squad”, 10-14 kids within the program. Coaches will be responsible for monitoring the progress of each paddler in their assigned squad, and being a leader with the squad on activities. Daily on- and off-water activity assignments will come from the Lead Elementary Coach or Elementary Coordinator, and coaches will work with other squads and their coaches to run the activities. Coaches will be required to work at some regattas. The program will run from 9:30-12:30 Monday to Friday.

Summer Apprentice Coaches
July 4-August 19
Apprentice Coaches will be responsible for carrying out assigned tasks and assisting other coaches when needed. They will be assigned as needed to the Elementary and Canoe Kids groups by the Elementary Coordinator. Duties will likely change day-to-day as needs in the programs change. Applicants will be accepted without NCCP certifications, though certification is preferred. Apprentice Coaches will work from 9:30-12:30, unless assigned otherwise ahead of time.

Summer Afternoon Coaches, Regatta Team stream
July 4-August 19
The Regatta Team afternoon program will focus on technical development and learning training skills. Coaches will be expected to take an active role identifying needs in individual paddlers and helping them improve. Some coaches may be needed for regattas, as part of working with the Regatta Team paddlers. The program will run from 1:00-3:00 Monday to Wednesday and Friday.

Summer Afternoon Coaches, Active Start stream
July 4-August 19
Active Start afternoons will be largely off-water, with possible use of rec canoes and dragon boats from time to time. The purpose of the program is for younger paddlers to experience organized physical activities in a way that will make them better prepared to step into formal training in the future. Coaches should expect to lead activities as well as supervise some local off-site trips (parks, trails, etc.). The program will run from 1:00-3:00 Monday to Wednesday and Friday.

Canoe Kids Instructors
July 4-August 12
Canoe Kids instructors will be responsible for safety and supervision of the Canoe Kids program, and creating a fun environment where kids can learn to love paddling. Some integration with other town programs may occur. The program will run 9:00-12:00 Monday to Friday.