2018 Registration Package, Regatta Schedule, Dragon Boat Information, April 14 Club Cleanup, April 21 Open House

You wouldn’t know it from our weather lately but our spring season is fast approaching! Our 2018 registration package is ready and everything you need to register for our canoe and kayak programs can be found on our Programs page as well as on the pages for the individual programs. Dragon Boat information and registration can be found on the Dragon Boat page.

We are getting ready to make the club sparkle with a club cleanup on April 14 from 9am to 12pm. Come on down and help out to make our club a place to be proud of!

The Burloak Canoe Club Open House will be held on April 21 from 10am to 1pm. As usual, registrations with payment must be submitted and processed by the Registrar (in our membership database) before paddlers will be allowed on the water. Forms and payment are not acceptable on the first day of the program. All paddlers must carry appropriate safety equipment, including their own PFD and whistle, or be directly supervised by a coach boat carrying the equipment.

All members should be familiar with CKC’s Cold Water Safety Policies and the effects of cold water during colder spring weather. In order to be on the water during cold water weather, members must have signed and submitted a Cold Water Conditions Waiver along with the registration forms. All paddlers on the water during cold weather must also wear or carry their own PFD regardless of supervision by equipped coach boats. The determination of “cold weather conditions” will be at the coach’s discretion, and will apply to all members.

You may register now by submitting your paper registration forms at the club or by sending a scanned pdf of the registration form to registrar@burloakcanoe.com. Payment is also required at the time of registration and may be made by cheque to ‘Burloak Canoe Club’ or via eTransfer to treasurer@burloakcanoe.com. See the Program pages for full details.

The 2018 sprint canoe and kayak regatta schedule is also available on our Regattas page. Note that dates and participants may change.