Everything You Need to Know About 2018 Nationals

The 2018 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships are one week away! Below is (almost) everything you need to know about Nationals from August 28 to September 1 and CanMas on September 2 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Don’t forget that all participants should have returned their signed waiver form to the club last week.

Canadian Championships Website:
The official event’s website is available at http://sprintnationals.canoekayak.ca/

The race schedule and updates are available at http://canoekayak.ca/event/canadian-sprint-canoe-kayak-championships-2/

CKC Mobile and Web Apps:
To follow all the action on your mobile device, download the ImmediaC Canoe Kayak Canada App: CKC on the App Store and CKC on Google Play. A web app is also available at CKC Web App.

Nationals Information Package and Visitor Information:
The Information Package for clubs, coaches, athletes and parents can be found on the Resources page of the Nationals website at http://sprintnationals.canoekayak.ca/resources/. For places to eat and things to do while you’re in Sherbrooke, visit http://www.destinationsherbrooke.com/en/visitors.

Find out all about CanMas, the Canadian Masters Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships: http://sprintnationals.canoekayak.ca/canmas-information/

Special Events:
Lots of special events are happening during Nationals and you are invited to join in. Check out this list of events with registration forms and/or ticket reservations (if applicable): http://sprintnationals.canoekayak.ca/special-events/

For more real-time information on the 2018 Canadian Canoe Sprint Championships, join the event on Canoe Kayak Canada’s Facebook page

Video Live Streaming:
The 2018 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships will once again be broadcast live on Canoe Kayak Canada’s YouTube Channel. More information about the broadcast will be published closer to the event, but you can subscribe to CKC’s Youtube channel now to make sure you don’t miss anything: CKC YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Canoe Kayak Canada’s Newsletter to get all latest news and updates: CKC Newsletter Subscription

Social Media Links:
Be sure to follow/sign up for/subscribe to these various social media feeds for all updates regarding the Canadian Championships:
Canoe Kayak Canada’s Facebook page
Nationals Facebook Event for the Championships
Canoe Kayak Canada’s Instagram Account
CKC Sprint Nationals Instagram Account

Use the various event hashtags to follow and participate actively in the event via social media:

Safe travels everyone! GO BURLOAK!!!