2018 Burloak Dragonboat Individual Registration– (Registration info is below)

Burloak offers crews in spring, summer and fall sessions for individuals to join. We have crews to suit beginner and intermediate paddlers. All crews are designed to improve a paddler’s technical ability and provide the opportunity to race for anyone who is interested.

Beginner: available Monday or Wednesday nights ‐ you fit into one of these crews if you have little or no experience with the sport of Dragon Boat. This crew will introduce you to the basics of the dragon boat stroke and provide the opportunity to race should you chose to. There are no fitness requirements for this crew and the workouts will be light and focused on technique.

Intermediate: available Tuesday or Thursday nights ‐ you fit into this level if you would like to come down for a workout, learn more about technique and intend on working towards racing for the end of the session. Generally first‐timers in the sport are discouraged from starting in one of these crews, but there are always exceptions if you are determined to skip the beginner level.

2018 Beginner/Intermediate Practice Schedule and Fees


Dates: May 7 – June 29 (9 weeks)
Beginner Crews – Mondays OR Wednesdays @ 7pm
Intermediate Crews – Tuesdays @ 8pm OR Thursdays @ 7pm
Fees: $110 + $5 (Insurance fee) = $115 + HST = $130


Dates: July 9 – August 31 (9 weeks)
Beginner Crews – Wednesdays @ 7pm
Intermediate Crews – Tuesdays @ 8pm OR Thursdays @ 7pm
Fees: $110 + $5 (Insurance fee) = $115 + HST = $130


Dates: September 10 – October 5 (5 weeks)
Beginner Crews – Wednesdays @ 7pm
Intermediate Crews – Thursdays @ 7pm
Fees: $72 + $5 (Insurance fee) = $77 + HST = $87.00


If you are not able to commit to a full spring, summer and/or fall session, feel free to drop in during any of our beginner/intermediate sessions.

Dates: refer to above
Schedule/Times: refer to above
Fee: $20 (HST included)


In order to register as an individual or small group we recommend you come to our registration day. If you are unable to attend either registration days, please contact Mark Klevinas at for more information.

When:   April 21, 2017 from 10am-1pm
Where: Burloak Canoe Club, 160 Water St, Oakville ON
a) You must pay the fee in full in order to reserve your spot in the boat
b) Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque
c) Refunds prior to first session will be charged $2.00 for transaction fees
d) Refunds after first session will receive 50% of total fee.