• No coach or team is allowed to use the dragon boat outside of specified times without permission from the dragon boat coordinator.
  • All paddlers using the dragon boat must be insured and registered with the Burloak Dragon Boat Rental Program.
  • All paddlers must have an orientation meeting, lead by someone arranged by the dragon boat coordinator, before they are able to practice.
  • All paddlers must wear a personal flotation device. All paddlers will wear the personal flotation device if deemed necessary by the club executive or the dragon boat coordinator.
  • Paddlers may use the public washrooms located on the street side of the clubhouse and are not able to enter the clubhouse unless accompanied by, or previously arranged through, the program coordinator.
  • Teams or coaches are expected to notify the dragon boat coordinator of any equipment problems or damage.
  • Under no circumstances do those who have registered with the Burloak Dragon Boat Rental Program have access to the clubhouse weight room.
  • Crews will not be able to practice until their registration forms and a cheque for total fees owing made out to Burloak Canoe Club are handed in to the dragon boat coordinator. (Should a new member of the crew join at a later date they too must fill out a registration form and forward it to the coordinator before practicing with the crew.)
  • The club reserves the right to withdraw use of the dragon boat or equipment from any coach or team not complying with club rules, with or without refund of fees.