Youth U14 Competitive and U19+ Racing

Youth U14+ (13 yrs +) Competitive Program

This program is for athletes who want to race and train competitively. This program is for youth in the U14 age group (13 years) and older. The program includes focused singles training, as well as crew boats and war canoe. Specific practice expectations will vary by age group. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in age class local regattas, as well as Provincial and/or National Championships if age appropriate.

Program Times: See 2018 Burloak Program Schedule REVISED

Regatta Schedule: See 2018 Burloak Regatta Schedule REVISED

Registration: See 2018 Burloak Registration Package REVISED and 2018 Burloak Registration Form

U19+ (18 yrs +) Racing Program

The U19 racing program is a basic racing membership which allows access to equipment and facilities to practice in a low-pressure, self-directed environment. Paddlers will have access to supervised open practice times, which allow flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to receive instruction in different types of boats, according to individual interest. Competition will be available at local regattas, with possibilities for Provincial or National competition. Individuals may be invited to additional practices if recruited into Competitive crews.